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PAC Committees


Communications produces PAC notices as well as maintains the PAC website and other social media. Our website and notices are great resources for parents to find out the latest news, upcoming events, important dates to remember as well as contact information and what's happening on the various PAC committees. Notices are published on our website, social media and email. If you are interested in helping produce event materials or if you have any news or information that you would like added to the website, please email us.

Food Services

Fruits & Veggies

PAC runs a free bi-weekly Fruit & Vegetable Nutritional Program. The BC Ministries of Health, and Agriculture jointly fund this wonderful program.  It is part of a province wide initiative to encourage healthy eating as part of active living amongst children.  Fresh fruit or vegetables arrive at Byng and are distributed to the classrooms by Parent Volunteers. Thanks to the BC Dairy Farmers and funding from the provincial government, our students in grades 1-5 can also enjoy milk or soy-milk, delivered in partnership with the Fruits & Veggies Program. The fruits, veggies and milk are not meant to be a substitution for any student's snacks or lunches, but as an addition to their nutrition on the day it is served. For more information or to volunteer, please email us.

Hot Lunch Days

Students have the opportunity to order a hot lunch using our Munch-a-Lunch online ordering system. Please remember to update your child's grade/division at the beginning of the school year. The system will guide you through the ordering process. Please note:

  • Orders must be placed 9 days prior to scheduled hot lunch days, as per vendor requirements.
  • If your child is ill on a lunch day, you are welcome to come and pick up their lunch but food will not be kept until the following school day.
  • Once complete, orders cannot be changed and there are no refunds.

Pizza Toonie Tuesdays - temporarily unavailable until further notice

Every Tuesday at lunch, pizza will be sold by the slice in the classroom. Only $2 per slice.

Choose between: • Cheese • Pepperoni • Hawaiian

Send a toonie (or two) and a re-useable plate with your child on Tuesday, and get the day off from packing lunch! If there is a holiday or a Pro-D Day on the Monday, pizza is still sold the following day (Tuesday).


Why Do We Fundraise?

PAC uses money raised to support a number of initiatives at Byng including (but not limited to):

  • cultural programs and presentations
  • environmental greening projects
  • increased technology and supplies in the classrooms
  • library materials, resources and development
  • subsidies for field trips and activities
  • social and community-building events

Money raised through fundraising initiatives is used to directly benefit the students. The fundraising team is always looking for volunteers to help out on events. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us or leave a note in the PAC Box.

Grants Applications

The Grants committee is responsible for seeking out and applying for grants that may benefit the school by providing additional funding for school programs and initiatives such as classroom enhancements, added technology, community projects, environmental projects, arts and culture, and athletics to name a few. If you would like to assist with grants applications please email us or leave a note in the PAC Box.

Green Team/Garden Club

Our Green Team is an environmentally aware group encouraging better practices of reducing and recycling as well as keeping our school grounds litter free. Our parent sponsor also assists with our garden program. If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer, please email.

Parent Education

The goal of the Parent Education Committee is to assess the interests and needs of the parent body, and access the appropriate experts on those topics. If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer, please email us. Child minding is usually provided for Byng parents during Parent Ed. evenings.

RDPA Representatives

The Richmond District Parent Advisory (RDPA) Representative(s) attend monthly District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) meetings for the Richmond School District. The Representative(s) report back to the PAC any items of interest relating to Richmond schools, the School Board and PACs.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for organizing various events sponsored by the PAC. If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer for one or more of our social events, please email us.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways you can participate with a number of different committees, with varying time commitments. Here are just a few areas where you could help:

  • Assist in the classrooms
  • Drive for field trips
  • Help with event coordination or marketing
  • Help with special events (sports day, clubs and extracurricular activities)
  • Join or lead a PAC Committee