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Monthly PAC Meetings

As parents you are all members of the Parent Advisory Council. We encourage you to attend our meetings along with the School Administration and PAC Executive team.

Parents attending the meetings have the chance to vote on various initiatives that have a direct impact on our children. Some of these items include: budget spending for field trips and workshops, special performances at the school, grounds and classroom enhancements and much more. We would like you to be part of the voting process and bring your ideas to the table as your input is valuable. Please note: voting cannot be done by proxy, you must be in attendance at a meeting in order vote.

Attending PAC meetings does not obligate you to volunteer for anything. It is a good way to keep you and your family informed about what is happening at the school and gives you a voice. 

If you are unable to attend PAC meetings, but have some ideas to share, we would love to hear them. Please email us or leave a note in the PAC Box. Your ideas and feedback are always welcome.

Unless otherwise noted, PAC meetings will be held every second Wednesday of the month starting at 6:30 p.m. in the school library. All are welcome! Complimentary childcare provided.