Our Staff

Name Position Division Grade/Dept. Email Phone
Ms. N. Widdess Principal nwiddess@sd38.bc.ca 6046686649
Ms. E. Lee Vice Principal elelee@sd38.bc.ca 6046686649
Mrs. S. Estrada Administrative Assistant
Mrs. C Wilkinson Administrative Assistant
Ms. S. Wilson Classroom Teacher 1 6/7
Mrs. C. Wilkinson Classroom Teacher 2 6/7
Ms. B. Bahd Classroom Teacher 3 5/6
Mrs. S. Harrington Classroom Teacher 4 5/6
Ms. C. Wong Classroom Teacher 5 4/5
Mrs. R. Naqvi Classroom Teacher 6 4/5
Mrs. A. Farjardo Classroom Teacher 7 3/4
Ms. P. MacGregor Classroom Teacher 8 3/4
Mrs. J. Kempin Classroom Teacher 9 2/3
Mrs. M. Burns Classroom Teacher 10 2/3
Ms. M. MacKinnon Classroom Teacher 10 2/3
Mrs. S. Carrusca Classroom Teacher 11 1/2
Ms. H. Sipsas Classroom Teacher 12 1/2
Mrs. A. Nasiopoulos Classroom Teacher 13 K/1
Mrs. J. Mitchell Classroom Teacher 14 K/1
Ms. C. Lamb Classroom Teacher 14 K/1
Mrs. L. Dennis Classroom Teacher 15 K/1
Mrs. L. Markusoff Teacher Librarian
Mr. R. Lau Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. L. Gue Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. L. MacLaren Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. N. Rychter Resource/ELL Teacher
Ms. A Cupiol Helping Teacher
Ms. N. Zhang Instrumental Music Teacher
Ms. J. Bezo Inclusion Support Team Teacher
Mr. A Akiwenzie District Counsellor
Ms. M. Quon Speech and Language Clinician
Ms. L Wong Speech and Language Clinician
Ms. J. Morgan School Psychologist
Ms. N. Stogan Aboriginal Success Teacher
Ms. C Anderson Educational Assistant
Ms. M. Butterworth Educational Assistant
Mrs. S Gordon Educational Assistant
Ms. T. Hofmann Educational Assistant
Mrs. B. Marchrones Educational Assistant
Ms. A. Ongaro Educational Assistant
Mrs. D. Priestlay Educational Assistant
Mrs. I Wood Educational Assistant
Mrs. A. Yamaguchi Choy Educational Assistant
Ms. C Avendano SWIS Worker
Mr. J. Villafuerte Afternoon Custodian
Mr. Y Choy Afternoon Custodian
Mr. G. Bueckert Morning Custodian
Mr. D. Bangate Alternate Daytime Custodian
Mrs. L. Khan Noonhour Supervisor
Mr. M. Badenhorst Noonhour Supervisor