Where to next with reading?


During our Pro D Day in November, we worked as a staff in the afternoon to go over our DART assessment and classroom data in reading.  Now that we have a solid understanding and connection with our students, we have a good picture of where our students are at with their strengths and stretches individually and a whole as a class in the area of reading.  We collaborated with staff members from our common grade groups to focus on the student's work to figure out where we needed to go next with our class.  This was also an opportunity to develop a plan for individual students' needs and how might our resource teachers can support the teachers and the students. Using the Pillars of Literacy gave us a common foundation to work from in order to help guide us in our teaching.   The example of the chart shows that teachers know from the data where their students are, and what the plan is next for them.  In late January/early February, we will meet with teachers individually to see how things are going, how we might be of support, and where they will go next.  

Updated: Tuesday, January 16, 2024