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Fall Teacher Survey

What was learned and next steps based on this evidence: 

Students at Byng are generally happy, social, curious, kind, and inclusive.  Some students need encouragement to take risk and support in self-regulation and motivation.  Teachers feel they are supported in their roles and the staff community is friendly and welcoming.  The new teachers sometimes feel overloaded but know they can go to their colleagues for support. 

The next steps are to continue to create a safe place for all learners where we will be intentionally promoting SEL for our students.  Teachers will collaborate with their grade groups and Resource Team to develop an effective system to support students, particularly in the social emotional learning.  A group of teachers are participating in a district grant that will allow them to access Everyday Speech, an online educational platform specifically designed to teach social skills and social-emotional learning.  Data will be collected at the end of the pilot and shared with the staff.  The group will also develop other SEL initiatives for the school community.

Updated: Friday, October 27, 2023