What's Next?


We asked approximately 150 students if they were getting better at reading and how did they know.  Quotes like the one in the image below, show us that students feel that overall, they are getting better because they read more difficult books.  We are curious about what and how we would teach children to be able to more clearly articulate how they know that they are improving in their learning, reading, etc... Would it be valuable to teach them in an intentional way to reflect, think, and talk about what they are doing and learning in school and why that is important? How would we begin that?

With many new staff members joining us next year, it creates an environment of opportunity and excitement.  In the Fall, as a staff we will chat about how we can continue building a safe, kind, and respectful learning community with students as well as the staff building that amongst themselves.  Enjoying working together as a team in order to create a place for children where they are engaged in the work and where their needs are addressed in order for them to fully and happily function as a learner is our ultimate goal.  


Updated: Wednesday, July 5, 2023