Portfolios as a Tool For Reflection

At Byng, we have continued to use e portfolios and formative assessment to help deepen learning for our students. We know that giving feedback to students, and talking about their work will help students know and speak to how they are doing and where they will go next in their learning.  When asked, "How is your learning going and how do you know?"  enough students answered that they thought they were doing well but didn't know how they knew. We want students to be able to articulate how they are doing and why they think that.  From our scanning, the staff have noticed that our students are still in the developing stage of those skills.  We will know that students are improving at this when we ask them in the Fall of 2022 by having a larger number of students at the proficient level of being able to say how they know they are doing and why. They will be able to be specific in their reasons.  Teachers will provide opportunities to learn how to do that and what language can be used to explain their why.   

 We continue to collaborate together regularly each month to share about how we can support students in talking about their learning and how they are doing .  Staff want to give students different opportunities to talk about how they are doing and what their next steps are in their learning.  For example,  staff may want to make posts with their students on the e portfolio where the student is part of creating the post.  Involving the student with intentionality, we are hoping that the students understand where they are in their learning and how they know, what they need to do next with their learning, how they can improve, and what their next steps are.

Updated: Wednesday, July 6, 2022