Byng Elementary School


Elementary School Playgrounds are Re-Opening

We are happy to inform you that our playground structures are open for students since June 1st. The re-opening of our playground structures is a positive development as we know that outdoor physical activity and play is vital for children.

We will monitor and supervise the use of the playgrounds when students are outside, and we will have guidelines regarding how many students may be on the playground structures, maintaining appropriate distancing, keeping your hands to yourself, avoiding touching your face, and washing hands before and after being on the playground equipment. After school, if students and families choose to play on the playgrounds, we would ask that the children follow the guidelines being using during the school day.

As well, to support the health and safety of our students and staff, the playgrounds are only to be used during school hours (Monday to Friday from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm) by students who are attending school during the month of June.

Please note that handwashing is one of our most effective means of preventing the spread of viruses so this will be an important part of any play time. Based on the information from the BC Centre for Disease Control, children are not the primary drivers of COVID-19 spread in schools or in community settings.

Prior to the re-opening of the playground structures, they were inspected by our maintenance department. We look forward to students being able to have fun and play safely on our playgrounds.




  • 8:30到下午3点之间),开放给6月份到校上课的同学使用。
  • 请留意:在任何时候,洗手仍然是最有效的防止病毒扩散的方法之一,学生们在进行任何游戏的时候,洗手尤为关键。根据“卑诗省疾病控制中心”所提供的信息,在学校和社区内,儿童不是新冠病毒的主要传播者。



Mon, 2020/06/01 - 1:18pm