Byng Elementary School


For the past several years at Byng, students have been engaged in social responsiblity lessons and opportunities using the anchor text "Have You Filled A Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud. Using this language has helped develop a sense of empathy throughout our students as they strive to "fill each others' buckets" through acts of kindness towards each other. However, when observing students' language around empathy, staff noticed that many students were referencing simple actions and emotions. When students were asked to be reflective about how other's actions make them feel, it was difficult for them to describe. When we think about the "Personal and Social Competency" that anchors our transformed curriculum, we wanted to help students be reflective and go deeper with the language that surounds emotions and empathy.

Over the last year, our staff here at Byng have worked collaboratively to create inclusive language and visuals to facilitate deep thinking when we talk about our "bucket-filling". Students are being encouraged to use this language in talking about how other people's actions make them feel. We are using stories, loose parts, buddy classes, sharing assemblies, and visuals around our school to bring this language to life throughout our building. We actively making connections between this language and our personal and social competencies.

Our school focus is "How can help our students be reflective about their interactions with others and go deeper with empathy? How might this enhance and support their learning?".