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Byng’s Canada 150 Sports Day

Friday, June 9, 2017

We will be having our Sports Day on Friday, June 9. Parents are welcome to join us and cheer on the students.

There will be snacks available at our concession stand run by our Parent Advisory Council. The activity times below

are approximate, but we will attempt to stay on schedule as much as possible. Students will be outside for the

majority of the day and must be protected by the sun with sunscreen, a hat, and a water bottle. If the weather

does not cooperate, our rain out day is Monday, June 12th. Let’s hope for sunshine!

Shape of the Day

8:50 Attendance taken in the classroom

8:55 Students called down to the gym and sit in Teams

9:00 Welcome and Review of the Day

9:15 House teams head outside with specific teachers to sit at Starting Stations

9:20 MC to invite preschoolers to middle of the field

9:25 Preschool Race- all little ones welcome!

9:30- MC to announce beginning of Sports Day! Station rotation begins, lasting approx. 15 mins each

10:45 Nutrition Break (Half-Way)

Teams stay where they are and eat a snack that is delivered to the stations before this time

11:00 MC to commence relays again by signaling a new rotation

12:15 Station Clean-up- Team leaders to return K/1 students back to their classrooms

12:20 Lunch (Hot Lunch Day distributed in classrooms)

1:00 Attendance in classrooms and then all students head out to Field Meeting Places and clean up

(Human Vacuum)

1:10 Tug-O-War

1:40 Ribbon Presentations for each colour team

1:45 Students dismissed from field by grade to their classrooms, starting with the

Kindergarten students. Students will be dismissed by their teacher in their classroom.

Thu, 2017/06/08 - 12:55pm