Byng Elementary School


Our Staff

School Administrators

Mr. D. Dixon Principal Email 
Mr. M. Ward Vice-Principal Email 

Counselling Staff

Mr. M. Akiwenzie Counselor

Office Staff

Ms. L. Lewis Admin. Assistant
Mrs. W. Taylor Admin. Assistant


Mrs. L. Elliot Band Teacher
Ms. C. Bebluk Teacher 2
Ms. C. Blaschuk Teacher 6
Mrs. S. Carrusca Teacher 9
Mrs. L. Dennis Teacher 12
Miss D. Green Teacher 4
Mrs. S. Harrington Teacher 3
Mrs. J. Kempin Teacher 7 Blog 
Ms. S. MacDonald Teacher 9
Mrs. J. Mitchell Teacher 11
Ms. H. Sipsas Teacher 10
Ms. J. Smith Teacher 8
Mrs. M. Ververgaert Teacher 11
Miss S. Wilson Teacher 1
Ms. C. Wong Teacher 5

Support Staff

Ms. C. Anderson Educational Assistant
Mrs. M. Arnis Educational Assistant
Mrs. C. Avendano SWIS
Mr. M. Badenhorst Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. B. Bahd Educational Assistant
Ms. T. Hofmann Educational Assistant
Mrs. F. Lopez Educational Assistant
Mrs. B. Marchrones Educational Assistant
Mrs. C. Musil Custodian
Ms. A. Ongaro Educational Assistant
Mr. P. Redy Custodian
S. Rolfe Nurse Email 
Mrs. T. Suga Noon Hour Supervisor
Mrs. T. Syho Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. K. Turner ESCW
Mrs. K. Voss Educational Assistant